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ACC's Student Advocacy Center Textbook Collection - FAQ

Who can use it?

When:Who is eligible:
Week before classes start Only students in the Student Advocacy Center Early Access Group are eligible. These students are contacted by the Advocacy Center directly.
During the first week of classes Students in certain workforce programs may be eligible. To see if you are eligible, please submit an inquiry to the Student Advocacy Center here.
After the first week of classes All current ACC Students who have no student holds on their library record are eligible. Textbook collection supply is limited. Students should not depend upon this source for their required textbook.

At this time, online hold requests in the library catalog are activated, and students may place holds on textbooks in the collection. Hold requests can be made online until two weeks before the end of the semester.

Students will be notified via their ACC email if an item is available for pick up and check out.

The number of textbook requests often exceeds the number of available books, not all requests will be fulfilled.

Are all ACC textbooks in the collection?

No, only textbooks purchased by the ACC Student Advocacy Center are in the collection. You can check the list of textbooks by title yourself in the library catalog.

Where can I find out what textbooks I need?

Be sure you know which textbook you need. Different sections of the same course may use different textbooks or different editions of textbooks, depending upon what the instructor has selected.

The quickest way to find out which textbooks you need is to consult the MyACC student portal pages.

Whom do I contact if I have questions?

Please contact the Student Advocacy Center if you have questions about the textbook collection or your eligibility.

What must you bring to the library to check out textbooks?

During the week before classes and the first week of classes:

ONLY eligible students with requests submitted by an Advocate can checkout textbooks. Eligible students will be notified by library staff when their requested textbooks are available for checkout. A current ACC ID is required at the time of check out.

Second week of classes and after:

All current ACC Students who have no holds on their library record can check out textbooks from the collection with a current ACC ID.

How can I check to see if a textbook is available?

The Library has a searchable list of the books in the Textbook Collection You can search the collection by title, author, or ISBN

Can textbooks be sent to my campus or held for me at Highland (HLC)?

Yes, textbooks can be sent to any ACC campus library or held for you at the Highland Campus Library (HLC). All textbooks are shelved at HLC.

However, it may take up to two weeks for materials to arrive at another campus. For time-sensitive requests, please choose to pick up library materials from the Highland Campus Library. Please be sure to check the in-person service hours for campus libraries.

What if I need the book today?

All books in the Textbook Collection are shelved at Highland Campus Library (HLC). If you need same day access to a book, you will need to request the book for pickup at HLC. Requesting a title does not guarantee availability.

We can send books to other campuses, however, due to mail pickup and delivery days, we cannot guarantee the same day availability of textbooks.

How many textbooks can I check out and for how long?

ACC students may check out up to 5 textbooks unless otherwise authorized by the Advocacy Center.

Textbooks from this collection are due the last day of your class.

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