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As a partner in the teaching mission of ACC, faculty librarians offer library instruction and information literacy for teaching faculty and their students.

Why ACC course instructors request library instruction for their students:

  • Information Literacy: Instructors want students to learn how to find, evaluate, and use information ethically. Artificial Intelligence is another topic that instructors have started requesting more frequently.
  • Assignment Support: The requests often tie into specific course assignments like research papers, presentations, lab reports, etc. Instructors want library sessions tailored to help students succeed on these projects.
  • Discipline-Specific Resources: Some requests mention databases or resources relevant to particular fields like science, business, literature, etc.
  • Citation Practices: Instructors want students to learn proper citation methods like MLA and APA style, so that they can credit sources correctly.
  • Library Orientations: Faculty for intro-level courses often ask for librarians to provide general information about the library website, collections, and spaces, giving students a chance to learn how to navigate online and in-person resources and services.

Information Literacy Options for Faculty

Library Instruction Sessions
(Request Library Instruction)

To request a library instruction session by a faculty librarian, please fill out the form that matches your classroom location. A librarian will contact you to finalize details and arrangements.

Please submit the form at least 1 week before the planned class date.



Information Literacy Student Learning Outcomes

Library Services has several core concepts that serve as the basis for course-specific information literacy learning outcomes, which inform our approaches to responding to faculty requests:

Course-Integrated Assignment Design

Faculty librarians can work with you to design a research assignment that matches the specifics of your course. This can take the form of a guided research process or simply a pathfinder of useful resources or many other approaches. A librarian session may or may not be included. We also can help you develop alternative ideas if you don’t want a formal research paper.

Contact info to get more information: Keri Moczygemba, or go to your campus library.

Online Tutorials

What are Research Success Tutorials?

These brief but important tools can be inserted into your syllabus at the point where the student needs instruction to complete each part of the assignment. These can be accessed on or off campus, without even needing to login to the library website.

Research Success Tutorials are designed as generic digital learning objects that cover a wide range of research concepts, library resources and include interactive lessons and built-in assessment/grading.

Contact info to get more information: Keri Moczygemba.

Library Guides

ACC Librarians have developed a series of guides covering many research and study skills. Faculty may want to link to these from their own web sites or from Blackboard. Print versions of these are also available for free in the libraries.